PJ Creelman, Author

"Creative, original, and fun to read. ... Can't wait to read the rest of the series."

--M.H., Amazon Reviewer

"A Fantastic Read! ... I had difficulty putting this book down, and the ending left me wanting more."

--D.W., Amazon Reviewer

"Lovable characters and alluring plot lines..."

--S.N., Amazon Reviewer

"...great entertainment; the characters are real people who keep you hooked."

--A.D.S, Amazon Reviewer

Phoenix Flight Series Update!

"Phoenix flight is an excellent series, and the second installment brings even more clever wordplay and hilarious social commentary, not to mention the emergence of a delightfully malevolent cast of villains.  I can't wait for #3!  The last time a book series made me laugh this much it was written by Douglas Adams."

--J.C. Advanced Reviewer

Prepare for the stunning sequel to Phoenix Flight: ROTPF!

In Phoenix Flight: Vengeance, the story picks up right where the first book left off. Filled with Action, Comedy and a slight dose of Romance, Vengeance is your next step into the twenty-second century!

Join Marauder, StarWolf, Blapper, Ross, Boris, SATRN and Herr Knopf as the adventure continues!

Praise for PF:ROTPF (Book One)

Pencils by Dean Moore, Colors by Ted Helard  (C) 2015 ESGMG

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